At some point in life, the majority of people will have difficult thoughts or feelings,
face problems in relationships or encounter challenging situations at work or home.

As a Chartered Counselling Psychologist I offer psychological therapy for personal development and a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Chartered Counselling Psychologists are trained to use a range of therapeutic techniques and ideas which enable them to consider an individual's difficulties from a number of perspectives and offer therapy based not only on an individual's need but also current research evidence.

Therapy can offer you:

  • Time to talk
  • Freedom to explore
  • Space to make decisions
  • An opportunity to make changes
  • A chance to gain problem solving skills

Therapy is offered for difficulties including: 

Panic attacks
Obsessions & compulsions
Stress management
Postnatal depression
Coping with physical illness
Eating disorders
Relationship issues
Low self-esteem
Grief & loss
Anger management